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        Activated charcoal is a natural resource-based product,  and its production requires high-quality coal. However there  are only a few coal resources in China suitable for producing  activated charcoal. Domestic coal-based activated charcoal  production enterprises are mainly concentrated in areas with  high-quality coal resources, such as Shanxi, Ningxia, and  Xinjiang. However, high-quality coal resources in Shanxi are  mainly concentrated in the Datong area, which is dominated  by Datong Queshan Refined Coal Co., Ltd. Jurassic coal,  currently stored, exhibits low ash and sulfur contents, moderate  volatile matter, and good chemical reactivity, making it a rare  high-quality raw material for producing coal-based activated  charcoal in China. The resulting activated charcoal products  demonstrate high strength, low ash content, well-developed  pore structure, and low floating rate.  As a subsidiary of Datong Queshan Refined Coal Co.,  Ltd., Datong Quesheng Refined Coal Co., Ltd. will not only  provide activated charcoal products but also carry out related  businesses such as activated charcoal regeneration, activated  charcoal adsorption equipment, and terminal services. We will  integrate raw material supply, processing, scientific research,  product development, trade, and other projects, play a leading  role in new product development, standard setting, and  product pricing, and connect with the international market.  This way, we will grasp the discourse power of the coalbased charcoal material market in our own hands, leading the  industry to high-quality and sustainable development. Datong Quesheng Refined Coal Co., Ltd. is committed  to providing high-quality products and first-class services, with  the goal of creating a specialized town of activated charcoal.  We will cooperate sincerely with both old and new customers  to achieve mutual benefit and results. We welcome all to visit  and inspect our company.

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