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1.Raw Material Advantage: The company has exclusive and rare sources of active coal in the country, which provides reliable guarantee for producing highquality activated carbon. 

2.Scale Advantage: With an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons, the company is the world's largest single activated carbon enterprise, providing reliable supply for customers. 

3.Technology Advantage: The company has strong technical strength, with research personnel accounting for 23% of the total number of employees. It jointly established a modern national-level new material research and development center with the China Coal Research Institute, providing strong technical support for enterprise production. 

4.Equipment Advantage: The company has a fully automatic upright carbonization furnace, a world-leading multi-hearth activation furnace, and an industry-leading external heating rotary carbonization furnace, all equipped with the most advanced DCS central control system, which is highly reliable and flexible. Centralized operation management greatly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring stable product quality. The testing center is equipped with largescale high-end testing equipments, including automatic industrial analyzers and element analyzers, pore size analyzers, specific surface area analyzers, gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, scanning electron microscopes, automatic bond index testers, automatic carbon tetrachloride testers, automatic ignition point testers, and water treatment and purification research and development platforms, etc. It can monitor the indicators of raw materials and products throughout the process, providing strong guarantee for controlling the quality of the products. 

5.Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Advantage: The project is equipped with a self-use sewage treatment station, which recycles treated wastewater, realizing zero discharge of industrial wastewater. The project also has six sets of desulfurization and denitrification systems, achieving ultralow emissions of flue gas. To save energy, the project is also equipped with steam turbine generators, which use waste heat to generate electricity for selfuse, greatly reducing energy consumption during the production process and significantly improving the company's economic efficiency.

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